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Before check-in, we require a refundable security deposit to cover losses or damages incurred during your stay, as outlined on the online booking page. Your funds will be released at the end of your visit if there are no issues.
We recommend you pay this with a credit card; this will authorise the amount without being charged. If using a debit card, the funds may leave your account and, once reimbursed, may take a few days to clear. Please check with your bank for full details if you need clarification. Please have your card ready and visit the link below to complete your payment before you arrive at the Venue.

The hirer is responsible for the safety and security of the tent from the date of arrival to the date of departure from the site and must leave the tent in the same condition as found, with all doors and windows shut.

If damage occurs, please report it immediately to one of the team. If we deem the damage malicious or due to excessive carelessness, or it’s not reported before you check out. In that case, we will ask you to pay for the damage. The charge made will be no more than the cost of replacing the tent or the damaged item if this charge exceeds the value of the security deposit paid. In that case, the client agrees to pay all expenses incurred in repairing/replacing the equipment. Photo evidence will be sent alongside the bill for damages within 48hrs of departure. (Check-Out)

You may also wish to obtain travel insurance to cover you in the event of any damages caused by yourselves during the hire period.

You agree to the terms and conditions set out online by paying for this deposit.