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Menu restaurant, food template placemat.

This spring we will be launching our Fireside Dining Experiences alongside Swallow Barn Glamping.

We are looking to do a tasting and photoshoot on Saturday the 13th of March and we’re hoping you will come to be a part of the evening. 

We will be serving a selection of our new menu alongside beers from 2dudes brew shop which you can purchase online via the link below when you RSVP for the job. 


  • Please arrive by 4 pm if you can to allow us to get some photos at dusk.
  • Please come in clothing without any massive branding on it, unless it’s your own business, happy to cross-promote. 
  • Photos taken on the night will be used in promotional images for 42CASTLES/ Swallow Barn
  • This is a non-paid tasting and modeling job. 
  • Food’s on us but if you could support the evening by buying a few beers from 2dudes we’d really appreciate it, feel free to BYOB. 

If you’re able to make it please RSVP below, Your feedback and involvement are really valuable and we look forward to sharing our menu with you all. 


Helen & Alex 


Sign Up Below!!

Order Your Drinks from 2Dudes Below.